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Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cádiz)

The hospital

The Puerta del Mar University Hospital is a hospital complex managed by the Andalusian Health Service, located in the city of Cádiz, being the benchmark health complex in the province of Cádiz.

The University of Cádiz is the academic institution affiliated with the hospital and, currently, it has a large physical and technological endowment capable of responding to hundreds of patients.

With regard to the physical resources available to its facilities, the average number of beds in operation is 652, a total of 25 operating rooms to cover user interventions, two delivery rooms, two other haemodynamic rooms and a total of 126 day hospital posts, of which 41 are surgical, and the remaining 85 are medical.

The building is a tower built in 1977. The design forces patients and employees to change floor continuously, causing the frequent blocking of the elevators service.

The need

Due to the high number of daily external consultations there is a constant flow of people in special in the three lower floors of the building, where this services are distributed. 

The hospital managers wanted to free the elevators recommending external users to rather take stairs instead of elevators, and also wanted to help them find easily the destiny waiting rooms and consultations so corridors would eventually be less crowded.

The solution

The Andalusian Society for the Development of Telecommunications (Sandetel), in collaboration with Vodafone Spain, defines and executes the pilot of an APP the Hospital, intended for external consultations users, based on the Everpaths Platform, developed by ITSOFT.

The APP is Multispace and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. It allows the user to use their own mobile phone to locate their position within the hospital, access to interactive maps to the consultations and waiting rooms. 

The results

The first three floors of the hospital have been installed with ble beacons. The user app has been configured to connect any public space within the hospital offering both indoor location and wayfinding. 

Next step is to connect the app with the public medical appointment service to receive directly the appointments in the Everpaths app. This will enhance public service as the app could notify the public health service that the patient is entering the hospital, triggering the established processes.

  Hospital Indoor location