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Help users and have assets under control



Reasons for using Everpaths at your Hospital


1. User guidance

Avoid people wandering the aisles and delays at appointments.

Help users get to the right appointment location on time by providing interactive guidance with map, text, visual instructions and audio description.

The user receives personalized guidance instructions according to his or her mobility profile.


2. Service organization

Integrate Everpaths with your hospital management system and you can improve your services management.

Your system will receive notifications when users arrive at the hospital, indicating where they are.

You will also know when the user is in the assigned waiting room.


3. Control of users and assets

Thanks to Everpaths you can instantly know the location of expensive assets and where they have been moving.

It is also possible to locate users who do not have a smartphone.

For this we use small BLE beacons that can be located with our wifi/ble detectors properly placed in the building.


4. Effective communication channel

With the Everpaths platform you will have a direct and effective communication channel to notify the user with updates of their appointment, such as reminders, welcome, waiting room assignment, and last minute modifications.


5. Always connected

Everpaths allows you to be informed anywhere in the hospital, even in the waiting rooms and cafeteria, reducing the need to invest in new totems or kiosks.

It is no longer necessary to always keep an eye on the tv screen to receive the notification to enter the consultation room: the patient receives the notifications directly on his or her smartphone, even when the app is stopped.


6. Analytical information

In addition to real-time information about the location of users and assets, you will be able to know the habits of users: how they move in the hospital, stays and hot zones.

Everpaths will allow you to manage the space more intelligently and prevent overcrowding.