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Advanced Indoor and Outdoor Location and Wayfinding Platform

Proven, secure, open and scalable


Plataforma Avanzada de Localización y Guiado en Interiores y Exteriores

Probada, segura, abierta y escalable

Real time

Everpaths is a real time location services (RTLS) platform designed to easily deploy location based solutions for indoor and outdoor scenarios.


Thanks to the modular arquitecture and the open design you can inmediately start serving your own advanced location based solution, including API and SDK.

Off the shelf

Everpaths includes off-the-shelf modules for wayfinding and geo contents, for people presence control and tracking, and for asset trazability and location.


Use cases

Advanced solutions for location and wayfinding






Airports and Stations


Shopping centers


Office buildings


Hotels & Resorts


Discover the possibilities

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Everpaths is the ideal solution for audioguides as the visitor uses his own smartphone with his own headphones...
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Asset Control
Just place a small bluetooth beacon in the asset and let Everpaths do the rest...
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As every content is located, the Everpaths app uses the user location to find out which contents are in its surroundings...
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Location Based Messages
Everpaths supports different push communication modes...
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Locate People
Everpaths can actively detect small bluetooth beacons, that can be carried by people, infering then their location...
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Capacity Control
Everpaths helps building tenants to deal with business capacity control and social distance recommendations...
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Everpaths is developed and operated by ITSOFT

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