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Asset Control

The need

Expensive assets require special control care. Not only for anti-theft protection, but to quickly locate the asset when required. You know the importance of having things under control.

You need a simple and efficient way of having everything valuable located and tracked.

Asset control

The solution

Just place a small bluetooth beacon in the asset and let Everpaths do the rest.

You can define alerts that are activated when the assets is moved, create asset location historical reports and check in real time where is everything.

These beacons work with batteries that last up to ten years.

The Everpaths platform uses Sniffers to detect the asset beacons. The Sniffer is a small piece of equipment that reads the asset beacons ids and send this information to the platform backend.

You get the following capabilities: 

  • Asset location:
    • You can always know where an asset is, having a listing or a map view for a quick check.
  • Stock control:
    • You can also have aggregated reports so for a given asset type you can query how many units per room or in total in your building.
  • Trazability:
    • For a selected asset you can query the list of places it has been in a time interval or have a map with the path followed by the asset.
  • IoT integration:
    • Everpaths can integrate incoming IoT data from your asset using the ble interface acting as an IoT gateway for your project.