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A brand new experience


Reasons for using Everpaths in your museum 

  1. It will replace unhygienic and obsolete audio guides with visitors' own smartphones.

  2. It will help you renew the external image of your museum, offering a modern interface adapted to the technology available to everyone today.

  3. It will attract new visitors, through interaction in social networks and push notifications, which will generate interest and keep potential visitors informed.

  4. It will be able to offer new services thanks to the availability of spatial information, interaction with the environment and contextual communications to the visitor's location, with maps, directions and impulsive purchases from their smartphones.

  5. You will improve the information available to the public by offering rich multimedia content, including augmented reality models, recommended routes, selection of works, multi-language audio guide, works not on display, as well as information about the museum building itself.

  6. You will obtain information about your visitors, time habits, frequencies, permanence, profiles and areas of interest.

  7. It will have a direct channel of communication with the visitor or potential visitors, with automatic alerts associated with the presence or programmed to send reminders.

  8. You will be able to quickly manage the content of temporary exhibitions and schedule changes through the application's web interface.

  9. Finally, you will have a digital catalog of your museum, with a detailed inventory of works and their location, works on display and in storage.